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Heavy Industries
by Various Artists
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Our first release! This compilation includes all the original Heavy Industries collaborators including Danny, Emilsson, Simex, Fabrik, Phero, Phonon and Nimrod. We printed a very limited amount for this release but if you missed out the first time, all the tracks are now available here on the site. This release goes everywhere from hard tribal techno to dense trance, covering our preferred styles along the way, and remaining consistently danceable. phase01 was made to introduce our artists and...
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Topics: Techno, Trance, Techhouse
Source: high-qualtiy VBR
Observatory Online
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"Velocity:Design:Comfort" is Sweet Trip 's long-awaited follow up to their "cult classic" debut LP, "Halica", available now on Darla Records . The new album features 12 new, mind-sweetening tracks of Head trip, Roby's signature cut and paste, bleeped and blipped electronica, complimented with the angelic voice of singer Valeria Reyes. Here's a little taste for you!
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Topics: Electronic, IDM, Bleep, Experimental, Glitch
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-one turntable. one needle. one audio object.running aimlessly the needle on the record in movement, a random collection of melodic particle will become the original sound source of a full reinterpretation. Here, the audio object is Jon Hassel and Brian Eno releasePossible Musics. the exclusive utilization of the melodic structures of this unique sound source guarantees the homogeneity of the new pieces. the sound object is reborn in a new context." Jean- Sébastien Roux is a quite secret...
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Topic: Ambient
by c:\
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PRIVATELEKTRO´s first net-only release, featuring 10 mid 90ies-style electro tracks with a rephlexish edge. Everything recorded to 2-track analogue tape. No overdubs. No computer / MIDI sequencing. For more information about the artist, feel free to visit the official privatelektro website
Topics: Electronic, Melodic down beat
Source: Stereo Tape
Webbed Hand
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Webbed Hand Records presents a selection of tracks by Webbed Hand artists regularly featured in streaming audio on Darkdrone Radio, a netstation which showcases the best of ambient, drone, and experimental recordings. From the first few months of Webbed Hand's existence as a netlabel, Darkdrone Radio has recognized its potential as a source of excellent sounds. Darkdrone has regularly featured works by Webbed Hand artists in its rotation, right in there alongside more prominent artists such as...
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Topics: Electronic, IDM, Minimal-Dub, Meditative, Electroacoustic, Ambient, Drones, Dark Ambient, Drone...
by Various Artists
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For the first time ever the Candy Mind crew stands back to let Peppermint Pony and Bubblegum Octopus present their second Christmas compilation, featuring 24 artists and their view of what a perfect Christmas sounds like. The artists performing on this album do not hold any ownership over the songs, except tracks 10, 14, and 19. All interpretations (c) by their respectable creators. ho ho ho! Peppermint Pony and Bubblegum Octopus says thanks: To all of the very talented artists who contributed...
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Topic: christmas, candymind, electronica, chip, 8-bit, IDM
Source: Candy Mind
Clinical Archives
by Various
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"Clinical Jazz" is an eclectic and illogical compilation. Range: ....from "clinically" traditional jazz directions...... up to unclassable and clinically indefinable "jazz" forms. ----- CD1 ----- 101. Strings Of Consciousness - Asphodel (5:58) (France) 102. The Black Hakawati - There’s a Hole at the End of the Tunnel (5:24) (Austria) 103. Professor Psygrooves + friends - Scales [Special Version] (13:52) (France) 104. Damo Suzuki & NOW - Metro Girl (the...
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Topics: jazz, free jazz, avant-garde, free improv, structural improv, experimental, improvisation,...
Source: Clinical Archives